Tuesday, 8 November 2016

#PlantPath PhDs Aplenty!

What's the collective noun for Plant Pathology PhD projects? Plethora? Pestilence?

Anyway, there have been lots of projects advertised on twitter recently so I thought I'd do a brief roundup for the UK:

James Hutton Institute, Dundee

The Consequences of Tree Diseases and Mitigation Options on Connectivity for Biodiversity

Deadline: 06.01.17

John Innes Centre, Norwich

There Is No Free Lunch: Trade-Offs in Plant Disease

Deadline: 28.11.16

Rothamsted Research, Hertfordshire

In planta RNAi for medium-to-high throughput identification of fungal (Fusarium spp.) genes essential for plant infection+

Deadline: 05.12.16

How to apply:

University of Bristol

RiPPing through wheat 
(Less mysterious but longer title - investigating the role of RiPP proteins in the virulence of the wheat pathogenic fungus Zymoseptoria tritici)

Deadline: 05.12.16

University of Cambridge

BBSRC DTP: Fatal attraction? Epidemiological consequences of vector preference for plant disease*

Deadline: 01.12.16

How to apply:

NERC DTP: Slowing the spread of well-established plant disease epidemics

Deadline: 04.01.17

NERC DTP: Modelling the epidemiology, ecology and evolutionary consequences of pollinator-transmitted plant disease 

Deadline: 04.01.17

University of Leeds

Functional characterisation of a novel effector gene family from a plant pathogen (parasitic nematodes)

Deadline: 05.01.17

Did I miss one? Let me know @nellyplants on twitter.

*Slightly appalled by the £50 application fee for Cambridge BBSRC DTPs. I certainly didn't have fifty quid to spare when applying for PhDs.

+ This project is jointly supervised by the Rothamsted Wheat Pathogenomics lab, where I did my PhD, and the Bristol Plant Pathology group, who've assimilated me for a postdoc. I can therefore say without any bias whatsoever that this is an awesome project.